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Pollutants in Water Many other chemicals are added to our tap water before we drink it. At the very least this will include fluoride. Ground water - which is heavily saturated with suspended matter and dissolved acids (which give it the brown colour). To clear this water, aluminium sulphate (alum) is added as a coagulant and then chemical polyelectrolytes are added to further settle the coagulated wastes. This water is then passed through sand filters to remove the settled particles. Some of the chemicals remain in the water. This water is then added to the scheme water. Other pollutants also seep in.
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Lead is one of the most dangerous toxins a person can be exposed to in his lifetime. Parents (unknowingly) may be exposing and even encouraging their children to take lead into their bodies each and every day. Where does this lead come from and why does nobody seem to know about it? The seemingly safe tap water of most homes in the United States contains lead. When we drink this water untreated, we are consistently allowing lead to poison the inner workings of our bodies. Lead from lead-soldered pipes in the plumbing system corrodes into
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